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Looking Back

Bear Lake

September 27, 2018

Old Faithful

September 28, 2018

Grand Prismatic Spring

September 28, 2018


I enjoy jogging, swimming, and doing many other body exercises.

Corporate FunRun Baltimore 5k

June 7, 2019

The Hopkins ECE team ended up bringing home awards in five categories. 

First, the men's team completely swept the individual awards!!

1st place male overall: Brian Godsey;

2nd place male overall: Adebayo Eisape;

3rd place male overall: Neil MacFarlane.

On top of that, our male and female teams both received awards:

1st place male team (consisting of the top three male finishers from our team Brian, Bayo, and Neil);

3rd place female team finishers from our team Susanna Thon, Yan Jiang, Arlene Chiu).

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